Happy Canada Day!!!!

So proud of my clients. Inches lost, reaching goals, achieving personal bests….you should all be so proud!! You deserve it.
It was amazing seeing results from hard work today.

Looking forward to lots of great workshops and certifications coming up.
Good things are happening!

Big things are in the works, exciting things are happening!! Really proud and thankful to have the people I have in my life :-)

Ready to Run

Had another great chat with a great friend today. Re-ignited my desire to run. I honestly cannot believe how much I have missed it. And I am taking the right steps to get back to the healthy and happy place I once had.

I have an amazing group of friends that I am running with right now, getting them ready to run their first 5k, and hopefully 10k after that. Signed up to get back out there with an incredibly supportive and fun group to train for my 1/2 marathon this fall. And have ALSO got back running with one of my dearest friends. Although I have been inconsistent (I promise that was the last time I sleep through my alarm), I am truly loving getting back on the trails. I curse her as she leads me up the hills, but I know I will love it by the end :)

Ready to Run!!!!

Taking a bit of a different approach today. The last few weeks have involved a lot of self-reflecting. Things in my life have been pretty great. I have an amazing husband, incredible children, and fabulous friends. I am finding passion in my life again, being re-inspired, and am excited by what the future holds.

Sometimes you have thoughts and feelings and when you try to explain them, the words on paper just don’t do the feelings justice. That is kind of how I have been feeling the past few weeks. It’s pretty amazing the roller coaster your emotions can take you on.  Unfortunately for me, one of my traits is bottling things up. If you don’t talk about it, just ignore it, it will go away…right? Right??? RIGHT?????  Yeah, I didn’t think so. Not the healthiest of approaches. Something that I am really working on is being ok with me, and acknowledging my thoughts and feelings is one of the ways that I am doing this. And I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty happy with who I am. And I am even happier with who I am after I confronted and acknowledged my feelings.

I am not a person who likes confrontation. I don’t know many people that actually do, but I will typically do anything to avoid it. What I have come to realize however, is that letting people know how their actions made you feel, is not confrontational. It’s necessary. Sometimes it heals a broken relationship, sometimes it helps end a toxic one, sometimes it opens someone’s eyes, and sometimes it serves as closure in the most positive of ways.

Anyways, this week I needed my own closure. I needed to convey my feelings, but also tried to express in the most honest of ways that there is no negativity or hostility from those feelings, that it is simply me needing to let my feelings be known. Sometimes words on paper don’t express what you need to say properly, and in this case I truly hope that it was taken the right way, but for me I needed to be able to let it go.

Now, I am finding my voice and using it proudly. Ready to tackle the challenges that my future holds, and excited to take them on. I feel stronger, I feel like me again. So, the reason that I decided to write about this tonight…. People always talk about our physical health, well I just want to remind you that in order to take care of yourself physically you have to look after your mental health first. Be who you are, love yourself, take care of yourself, be proud of you! I took a chance, I will probably never know the effect it had, but I took a chance, opened myself up and let myself be me. And honestly, that was what it’s about for me now, just having the strength and courage to share. That’s all I can ask of myself.

Even though I slept through my alarm this morning, I was still able to get in a great workout, some hill work, and then spend the day with the family. Soccer field, park and nature walk, plant nursery, and dance rehearsal. With time to spare for making a fairy garden with my girls, back to the soccer field, and then back home for pizza and movie night. Gorgeous day, filled with lots of smiles and giggles. Doesn’t get much better.

My arms are so tired I can’t lift a pen and typing on my phone is exhausting.

Definitely not a personal best for time, but today’s run was a personal best for the simple fact that I ran with no watch and no pressure. Just plain and simple fun :-) This is what I’ve missed.

First race since September, haven’t run really since October, so what better way to welcome yourself back to running than with a pair of new shoes ;)

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